Drunken Irish Fisherman Sandwich

Dunleavy’s in Hainesport, New Jersey, is a longtime advertiser in some of our church bulletins. They are a restaurant that has been around for decades and is a family favorite. This is the restaurant that I always take friends when they visit. I know there is something on the menu for everyone, and bonus, they do not add salt to their French fries which is great if you have British friends. Also, their burgers are legendary, especially their Hainesport burger with cheese fries.

When I called them up today asking if they had any sandwich specials, the woman happily replied with a few, but I stopped her when she said the Drunken Irish Fisherman sandwich. I needed to know exactly what was in it, and how soon I could get it! I was very satisfied with my selection.

The Sandwich

When I got home and opened the takeout container I first noticed how neatly tucked in the sandwich and fries were. Lots of delicious fried cod with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce served on a grilled ciabatta roll. What makes it drunken is the beer battered French fries which by the way were very tasty!

The Taste

Just as it should. This is exactly how a fish sandwich should taste from a pub. It was not greasy, the roll was perfectly grilled, and the fish was nicely seasoned. The tomatoes were sliced perfectly, and the lettuce was shredded which keeps it crisp (leaf lettuce goes soggy quickly when the protein or roll are heated up). When she told me tartar sauce was on it, I did become a bit nervous and hesitant. It is not my favorite condiment, but only a small amount was put on to compliment the fish.

Would I go back for another one this year?

Yes, absolutely yes. Like I said before, I called the restaurant and asked if they had any sandwich specials – it was not listed on their Facebook specials or on their regular menu. I would call back and ask if they still have the sandwich, or a different fish sandwich to try.

Final Rating

5/5 – never been disappointed at Dunleavy’s and I do not think I ever will be.