The Pop Shop

Fried Shrimp Wrap

I first discovered the Pop Shop in Medford about 5 years ago. My friend was visiting, and she enjoys the vegan lifestyle. Personally, I say I don not discriminate against any kind of food. So, when she visits, I always try to find a vegan friendly restaurant to try and that morning the challenge was breakfast. It is difficult trying to find a restaurant that serves something other than a fruit bowl for a vegan, but the Pop Shop does not see food that way. They have tofu scrambles, vegan pancakes, and multiple other items on their menu to choose from. Needless to say, it was a success.

The Sandwich

I saw on their Instagram page that they had a new Fried Shrimp Wrap on Friday. It looked delicious so I thought I must try it! The wrap was loaded with fried shrimp, lettuce, avocado and drizzled with a sriracha mayo. I took a bite, and I was quite impressed. The shrimp were fried, but not greasy, and the lettuce was still crisp which is something I always look for in a sandwich.

When ordering the sandwich, you have an option of either fries or tater tots. Since you can get fries anywhere, I opted for the tater tots. They were SO good!

The Taste

The taste was one word – fresh. I often wonder how restaurants find such fresh ingredients like avocado and lettuce when it is clearly not warm enough to grow them in our gardens. Perhaps they only use ingredients that they know taste fresh and do not use vegetables that have zero taste right now (tomatoes, I am talking to you).

Would I go back for another one this year?

For saying I have been going to the Pop Shop about once a week for the past couple of weeks I would say there is a good chance I will be stopping by again soon!

Final Rating

5/5 I do not know what I loved more, the fresh avocado or the sriracha mayo! I am not sure if this was just a special during Lent, but they should make it a year-round item on their menu.