Be the DRE that gets Paid!

It is hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end in a few short months. Daylight Saving is a week away, and it will be Palm Sunday before we know it. That means it is time to start thinking about Religious Education during the 2021-22 school year. There are many unknowns as to how the school year will be ran, but we need to prepare for all scenarios. This is how Parish Giving can help, and to guarantee that you will have a successful year.


I am thinking after being in “lockdown” for about a year now, that both parents and kids are ready for in-person learning. Of course, it needs to be done safely (think vaccinations and sanitized classrooms), but parishes are hoping that this is possible for the next school year. We have online forms that will allow parents to sign their child(ren) up for Religious Education and pay from the comfort of their own home.

Online Only

Many families enjoy this option whether the pandemic continues or not. They can learn at their own schedule rather than alter it. Families are busy with sports, Scouts, Music Lessons, and so on, it is nice to be able to put aside a different day or evening for Religious Education. Also, keep in mind that sometimes this is a great option for parents who have children who may be going to Religious Education at different times because grades may be split up.


This word has become such a part of our vocabulary during 2020 that it is difficult to believe we did not use it as an option as before. Families can learn half at home and half in the classroom if they wish, or however you choose to conduct your hybrid learning. We have even seen monthly meetings, or biweekly meetings. What works best for your parish, an online form can be designed by Parish Giving.

Payment Solutions

Whatever type of class, registration or payment process works best for your parish, we have a solution. Check out our registration and payment options!

A Direct Pay Link, or DPL, can be used to collect a payment or donation online for any event, campaign, or appeal. This DPL can be used in different ways such as being placed directly on your website along with the event announcement, you can personally use the DPL to take payments, or you can send the link individually to someone to pay.

Streamlined, or a form, can do so much! They can be customized just for RE, the tuition is automatically calculated and offers payments options from credit/debit cards or bank transfers, they automatically apply discounts (no need to enter codes!), we have email notifications sent to RE families and staff, and it also reports data that is sent to RE staff. Are you wondering what one of the forms looks like? Check one out here.

And finally we have Simplified, which would be an existing module. The data can be loaded via .xls or .csv files. Just like with the Streamlined option, tuition, fees and discounts are automatically calculated. The form has classes and sessions already created and has class and student lists. Families will receive and email with a Username and Password to Sign-in to the Family Portal where they can review and update demographic, medical and sacramental info. It also takes payments, and the family selects the Session.

As you can see, Parish Giving has you covered! If you have any questions about our RE options, feel free to give us a call or send an email! We are more than happy to help customize your 2021-22 RE school year!