Youth Ministry – Top 5 Reasons as to Why Your Church Should Have One

Youth Ministries seem to be popping up more frequently around the Catholic Church. Growing up, my family’s church didn’t have one. I never understood the importance of gathering with my peers and having discussions about faith, and fun activities to do with one another. So I thought I’d share 5 reasons as to why your church should have one so today’s youth doesn’t miss out on all the fun!

  1. Meet like-minded youth’s from your parish. If you are not able to attend parochial school, the next best way to meet other like-minded Catholics who attend mass is to join Youth Ministry. Religious Education is often one night a week in a classroom setting which does not allow you to mingle amongst other student’s.

4. Fun trips! With Halloween approaching, and being too mature to go trick or treating, many Youth Ministries have fun activities for teens and young adults. Some consist of hay/corn mazes, haunted houses or haunted hayrides, and dances. The possibilities of trips are endless!

3. Increase their faith. Often times as we grow, we sometimes grow out of faith. We may start to go to mass less often, then only attend on major holidays and soon enough we just no longer attend. With Youth Ministry, you are encouraged to keep your faith alive. You are attending and discussing mass with your peers which help to grow in faith.

2. It’s something for the whole family to partake in. Often people hear Youth Ministry and think that only under 18’s are involved. That’s simply not true. Since parents create the foundation in their children’s faith, it only makes sense that they help nurture it and help build their Youth Ministry. Parents are encouraged to help with events and meetings to watch their children grow into your Catholics.

1.Pope Francis encourages it. Our current pope is perhaps our most relatable to date (let’s not forget Pope John Paul II, though!). He encourages the young within the church to be heard. God believes in them, therefore they should be believed in by the church as a whole. Remember, they are the future of the Catholic Church.

As you can see, Youth Ministry should be encouraged in all parishes. It helps to reinforce their faith and to help them grow spiritually and into mature adults within the church. I gave you five reasons as to why your church should have a Youth Ministry; can you give me one reason as to why they shouldn’t?