Time, Talent and Treasure

Sharing Your Abilities with the Community

We thought we’d offer a different kind of blog for you this week; something about the community. As you know Parish Giving is a part of John Patrick Publishing. Since many parishioners notice their phone number on the back of the bulletin, JPP often receives phone calls from parishioners about needing a handyman service. We politely direct them to their parish office and ask them speak to someone who takes care of the bulletin and have them put an announcement in for them. This brought up the idea of sharing your abilities with those in your community so you can help make it a better place.

A colleague of mine was reading through a church bulletin. She came to an announcement; a request for help. It stated that they are a member of the parish and are looking for someone to help replace screen doors, paint ceilings and to complete other home-related tasks. There was a note at the bottom of the announcement stating the office receives calls from parishioners often looking for help with small jobs around the house. If you have the skills, they’d like for you to contact the parish office and help you get in touch with those who need assistance. What a great idea!

When you see an advertisement in your church bulletin for help, and you have the talent that is needed, you should try to assist them. By doing the nice thing, you just made someone’s day. That was one less thing they had to worry about getting done. By completing a few small tasks, that makes one big difference in a person’s life and in the community. You can just refer to it as paying it forward. Something we should all aim to do with our lives.