Why use our Forms?

Church is about much more than just religion; it’s about building a community. What better way to build a community than to offer events at your parish. It brings people together that share a common bond, values and other interests. Everything from a Parish Picnic to Baseball and everything in between are great activities and fund raisers for the church. It can all be simplified with an online giving form too!

We are currently defrosting from a long, snowy winter. Spring is coming, and that means CYO baseball and softball have begun, or are about to begin. Remember the days of having to wait in line, fill out the health and contact forms, write out a check and having to wait for a hand written receipt of payment? Well if you are ready for a change, keep reading!

Our online forms can be catered to whatever kind of event you want to organize. As you know from previous blogs, we already have Religious Education and Vacation Bible School forms. What you may not know is that we also have forms for Golf Tournaments and fundraisers like a Charity Poker Night.

Since the end of the school year is in sight, many schools are raising money for their graduating classes. Ceremonies do not come cheap, and lots of schools want to have a party or celebration of some sort for their students. Many times schools will organize an event for the community to attend like a Beef and Beer, or a Gala Dinner, or something simple like a Walk-A-Thon. These are easy to communicate, and always have great attendance. We are able to create a custom made form for these events, and then those attending can pay online. No more lines, checks or receipts to deal with!

Why go back to the old fashioned ways of standing in line and waiting at an inconvenient time? With our online forms, everyone is free to sign up at their leisure. No more having to change your lunch break in order to accommodate someone else’s schedule, or having to be late to work and using your vacation time to sign your child up for baseball. Now, you can sign them up while watching the evening news.