Why Give Online?

Why give online? This seems to be a question we are asked quite often here at Parish Giving. The concept of giving your weekly church offering online seems to be a concept not many parishioners and parish administrators are completely onboard with. But why? Let’s examine all of what you do online, and how much easier it has made your life. Perhaps you will then view Parish Giving differently.

Bills come in the mail all the time. Your electric, water, credit card, mortgage, rent and so on have to be paid. Since you have an account number, these bills are often paid online. You usually have an option between paying on their website, or set up the bill pay with your online banking. You save yourself the time of writing out a check, and the expense of the ever rising price of a stamp. It just makes the most sense, right? Well that’s why giving through Parish Giving makes just as much sense.

We live in a society where we have an online payment site for everything. There is Venmo for when you need to transfer money to a friend, or PayPal to purchase items securely online. Our digital wallet is everything to us, and online banking is the way to balance our checkbooks. Cash is something of the past, and so is writing out a check.

Parish Giving is designed to help make giving to your parish easier. Like Venmo or PayPal, we offer a way to give your weekly offering to your church. You no longer have to wait until Monday to see if your check was cashed, or even longer. The most convenient thing is that if you miss mass, you no longer have to mail in your check which can get lost or stolen. You can set it to automatically be debited from your checking account or credit card. It’s convenience at your fingertips.

You are probably wondering how you know if it went through or not. Well, we email a confirmation that lets you know your weekly offering went through successfully. We are all about peace of mind for our customers.

Next time you think about writing out a check for your weekly offering, think about Parish Giving. We have an easy to use app for Android and iPhone users, along with a website. We want to help you write one less check, and simplify your life. Spread the news to your parishioners how easy it is to use Parish Giving. We think they’ll agree on how easy it is to use!