The Heart and Soul of the Parish Community

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others?’”. It is a good question to ask yourself – what are you doing for others? In this day and age volunteering seems to be done by two groups of people: those who are required to do it for school, and those who are retired with time on their hands. What about the rest of us? We say we want to, but never do. Here’s how we can change it – let’s volunteer!

Just Ask

Sometimes you just need to go up and ask someone, “can you help and volunteer with our group?”. People and parishioners may not know that your group or ministry needs help with volunteers. Yes, notices may be posted in the bulletin and social media, but the best way to gain volunteers is just to approach people. They may think the posts are filled or may not realize how many volunteers are needed. Just ask is the best first step.


We all lead busy lives – it’s true. There is work, school, after school activities, sports, friends, and family. We often stretch ourselves a bit too thin, but that doesn’t mean we cannot help out where we can. You do not need to sign up every Saturday or Sunday to volunteer. Just one day a month will help the organizations more than you can imagine.

Make it Family Friendly

Since your children are signed up for Religious Education/Vacation Bible School, why not volunteer there? Many parishes and programs in need of volunteers to help teach the next generation of Catholic’s. If you are sending your children there, why not volunteer for one of their classes? That way you can see your child learn and grow in front of you.

Be Flexible

Sometimes when you start something new, you need to be a bit flexible until you have your new routine down. Volunteering is no exception. You may be needed at different times each week, you may have different jobs that are needed of you, and the amount of time may be more or less. Just try to be as flexible as your schedule allows – it will make a big difference in the end.

As you can see volunteering makes a big difference in the church community. You provide assistance with everything from providing food with St. Vincent de Paul to educating the next generation with Religious Education and Vacation Bible School. You also allow the church to hold events like Church Carnivals, Beef and Beer events, and after Mass breakfast. These events are what helps your church and community grow and become stronger. Think about volunteering and make a difference in someone else’s life.