Spinning Your Parish Web

It takes a team to make things work. A team wins championships because they communicate – it’s not just because of their individual talent alone. Everyone has their place and job, and they come together and make it work. A parish is the same way. Each person has their role, but they need to support and listen to one another to make it work. You need the clergy, the administrative staff, and the parishioners to all work together to make the parish successful. This is how to keep your parish as a well-oiled machine:


The parishioners are the soul of the church. Without them the parish would cease to exist. They are the volunteers, the financial contributors and the people who come each week to hear the homily. And in order for the parish to grow, and the Catholic church, they need to be kept interested in order to bring in the next generation of parishioners. As families grow and expand, it is always nice seeing them in the pew.

Administrative Staff

Let’s face it, without the administrative staff the church would be in such disarray. No one would know the Mass schedule, what is going on in which building at a certain time, or what the churches finances are. They are usually in charge of the church bulletin as well. In other words, they are the “keeper of the keys” and you are wise to stay on their good side!


Someone needs to lead in prayer – otherwise there is no reason to be at Mass. Priests, nuns and deacons attend years of schooling to help understand and spread the Gospel. They are able to take the reading and apply it to everyday life for the parishioners to hear. It also helps when the Clergy and the parishioners trust and listen to one another in order to help build a stronger community.


Every organization needs clubs. It is what helps us to bond together and create friendships and enjoy new hobbies. The ministries also help you dive deeper into your faith. Some ministries help those in need, some ministries bring joy with music, and others help to spread the word of the Catholic religion. As you can see, there is a ministry for every parishioner.

As we see the web spin, you cannot help but notice how each section needs the others. You cannot have Mass without the parishioners or the clergy, you wouldn’t know what time Mass is without the Administrative Staff, and the parishioners wouldn’t know each other without the ministries. This is why each section needs to work with one another to make it all work. Not one group is above or below the other. Let’s create the beautiful web and work together.

And Parish Giving would like to be spun into the web. We can help the Administrative Staff with event registration and payment, Religious Education sign-ups, class assignments, and more. We are able to help the parishioners with their weekly offering and go cashless. For more information give us a call or send us an email today!