Why do we always feel the need for something to do?

Does anyone know how to be bored anymore? This is a question that enters my head quite a bit. We are a species that is always on the move. From home to work, then work to activities, then dinner and bed. Repeat this for five days straight. When Saturday morning comes around, we do not know what to do. Some of us are good at hitting the snooze button, while others need an invitation to do something. Well, I have a thought – Why is it good to be bored?

Makes you Pause and Reflect

When drinking your first sip of your morning coffee, just pause a reflect for a moment. Turn the television or radio off and sit in silence. Look out a window and observe nature for a moment. Look at the birds on the bird feeder, see how the garden is growing, and just enjoy the moment.

Live in the Present

I know, this is easier said than done. To not be able to look forward to something is very difficult. Or to have your mind just focus on one thing sometimes feels impossible. That is why when we are bored it is something good to practice. Just take note of nature and how it goes about the morning and try to replicate it.

Allow your Brain to Rest

Allowing your brain to rest allows you to release tension from your entire body. Your shoulders will naturally lower, your neck won’t feel as tense, and your jaw won’t be clenched as tightly. Just sit or lay down and close your eyes. Do not think about anything you have to do, or what deadlines you have for work, or what the family is eating for dinner that evening. Just stop your mind and breathe in through your nose and out your mouth. Set an alarm for five minutes and see how you feel afterwards.

No Fight or Flight

Do not become anxious because you have nothing on the agenda for the day. Instead view it as an accomplishment because you finished everything for a free day. Try not to make any plans and see how you feel. Did you enjoy not knowing what was coming next?

Turn it Off

Remember 20 plus years ago when we didn’t have smart phones, tablets, and the internet at our disposal? We should try to separate ourselves from these devices from time to time. Instead of endless scrolling, try opening a book or going for a walk. Both will help you to relieve stress and sleep better at night helping you to wake up refreshed and ready for the day. And the mindless scrolling just isn’t healthy for us when we are “bored”.

Use Parish Giving

We understand that life is busy, and we are here to help you enjoy that rare downtime that you may have. Just set up your weekly offering and we’ll take care of the rest. This way you can enjoy Mass and not have to worry about remembering your envelope. We’ve got you covered.

Remember, being bored is something that we should cherish and enjoy. In a world where we are going 24/7, you need a bit of boredom to keep you going. It’s okay to try to live in the present, to turn it off and to allow your brain to rest and reset. You have earned it.