The Pier House

Salmon BLT

Cape May is the dining capital of New Jersey for a reason. There are numerous restaurants to choose from, so each one has to do something special to attract new patrons. Many serve farm to table or offer fresh caught seafood. Others have large menus for those who have dietary restrictions such as gluten or dairy-free, and others have a small select menu to cater to those with a fine dining palate. The question is what keeps me coming back to the Pier House? The answer? Their Salmon BLT.

The Pier House is situated at the La Mer Beachfront Resort. Like many restaurants in Cape May, they are paired with a hotel. This was my first time visiting someone staying in one of their rooms, and I can say that an ocean view room is a must. You do not need to be high up to have a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful sunrise each morning.

The Sandwich

It’s called the Salmon BLT. It is a piece of salmon with a BBQ glaze on it. Then it is topped with lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon (you can hold the bacon during Lent), and an herb mayonnaise on a grilled roll. You can either have it served with fries or a side salad. I opted for the side salad with balsamic dressing. All items are made to order, so the order may take a bit longer, but that just means that it is fresh from the kitchen.

The Taste

It’s love at first bite. The smoky yet sweet salmon with the creamy avocado and herbs in the mayonnaise just go so well together. And the grilled bun just adds that something extra. It’s never greasy and the fish doesn’t have a strong flavor, so you know it’s fresh. If you are looking for a non-fried fish sandwich, this is the one to go with.

Would I go back for another this year?

Of course. I enjoy going down to Cape May all year, and when the downtown area is too packed with tourists, I take a nice bike ride to the Poverty Beach section of town and enjoy the Pier House. And afterwards I recommend taking a walk around that section of town to help burn off the calories you just ate. The houses are kept up despite the salty sea air and coastal storms.

Final Rating

4.5/5 – it’s a great sandwich, but I would like to see another fish option on the menu for lunch. Fish and chips or fish tacos would be nice. I can understand why they do not – why mess with perfection, but it’s just my suggestion.