BK Brunch

Shrimp Po’ Boy

Fish sandwiches have become part of many restaurants’ seasonal menus. Many look forward to devouring their first fish sandwich of the year, even if they are not Catholic. Different restaurants and fast-food joints compete for the top fish sandwich of the year always trying to out do the previous years sandwich. To me, most fast-food sandwiches taste the same – deep fried and salty. You can not taste the fish, and the buns are usually mediocre and soggy at best. That is why I choose to try local restaurants around me instead.

BK Brunch is a newer take-out restaurant near me. It’s the kind of place where I say I know what I’m going to order before I go to the restaurant, and when I leave, I come home with something completely different. They offer traditional Thai food, sandwiches, dessert, and breakfast items. Everything I’ve had so far has been fresh and delicious. I was excited to try their Shrimp Po’ Boy since I saw it on the menu, so I ordered online so I wouldn’t be tempted by any of their other specials! So here it goes – my first fish sandwich review of 2022!

The Sandwich

This po’ boy set the bar pretty high this year. It wasn’t greasy and was packed with plenty of flavor. It had the right amount of Cajun spice, crunch, and plenty of fresh shredded lettuce and tomato on top. What I liked most was that there didn’t’ seem to be any mayo on it, or if there was, it was extremely light.

The Taste

Everything blended together perfectly. After my first bite I put the sandwich back on the plate just so I could have a moment to taste the flavor combinations. I had the lightly fried shrimp in Cajun spices, the hot sauce drizzled on the shrimp, and then the crisp lettuce and tomato on top. Oh, and the roll was pretty good too! It was the perfect po’ boy.

Would I go back for another this year?

I think I’d like to try their fish po’ boy next. Due to high demand, they ran out, but perhaps after the Lenten rush they’ll have it back on the menu!

Final Rating

4.5/5 – BK Brunch set the bar pretty high for my first Friday fish sandwich during Lent. They kept it fresh and not greasy, just the way I like it!