Much more than just an Online Giving Site

When you see the name Parish Giving, you automatically think all we are about is your weekly offering toward your parish. Well here is a surprise – it is so much more than that! Parish Giving is about giving back to your community and to your parish. Your weekly church offering is just skimming the surface of what we are about!

Are you trying to find a safe and trusted site in which you can make payments? Do you want to be able to have online forms created in order to have donations pay for events or fundraisers? Do you want an easy one time online payment to pay for school or religious education classes? Well that is what Parish Giving is here for! We want to be your partner for all online giving!

Since it is February, we are all thinking about spring. Spring means nature is coming alive again. Flowers are blooming, green grass needs mowed, we have longer daylight hours, golf to be played and of course baseball to watch! Spring time is also the time we host many fundraisers and tournaments. That is why February is perfect to start thinking about the fundraisers you’d like to host.

Golf tournaments are quite popular amongst charitable organizations. You determine how many golfers, the sponsorship levels, even to who will be attending dinner at the country club. It is that easy; we will customize the form to meet your needs.

As for the younger members of your family, CYO baseball, softball and t-ball are always popular spring activities to sign up for. We see banners strung across town that advertise it’s the perfect time to sign up for the team. We make it even easier by having online registration available to any team that wants it. Why write out a check and mail it to someone that you don’t even know and have them process the payment, when you can do it securely on line?

Finally, there is spring maintenance. Think about all of the work that goes into your home during the spring time: landscaping, cleaning areas of your home that you don’t often think about, mowing the lawn, gardening, and the list goes on. Your parish may not have the funds to do all of this maintenance, and this is where a second collection comes into play. We can always set up a second collection for your parish in case your parishioners do not have cash during mass.

This is just skimming the surface of what Parish Giving does. Give us a call today and let us know if you have any questions! We look forward in helping with all of your giving needs!