A Day in the Life

It’s 8:30am. The Parish Giving office phone rings. The person on the other end of the phone expects an automated machine directory telling them to press 1 for Person A, or press 2 for Person B. Instead, they are greeted by a friendly voice saying, “Parish Giving”. The caller shocked and surprised as the receptionist repeats, “This is Parish Giving”. Now the person on the end of the phone feels at ease and asks to speak to someone about their account. Real people talking to real people; a concept we believe in here at Parish Giving that sets us apart from others.

Upon receiving a customer call, we take our time to make sure your question is fully answered. We do not have a “quota” of calls we have to complete each day in a limited amount of time. We do not see that as good customer service, or a good customer experience. We want to make sure that your question is answered and that you are 110% satisfied. Otherwise what’s the point? We are just a call center then, and Parish Giving is anything but a call center.

Not all of our calls into our office are about personal accounts. We receive many calls about events, tournaments, fundraisers, religious education and CYO sports. Why should we just limit ourselves to one thing, when we are capable of numerous functions? When calling us, just let us know the specifics of your event, and we can set up online forms and easy payment options for your participants. It is safe and secure and convenient. What more could you ask for?

If you checked our site, and you do not see your parish listed, don’t fret. While we cover a lot of parishes, we also visit a lot too. Many parishes belong to different offering sites. This is perfectly fine, but we offer some things that the other sites don’t: real people to help you and less complicated fees.

As you know, we are a business. But we are a business that believes in making things easy for the church and easy for the customer. That means our fees are not complicated. We charge just $1 a month to use us. Not $1 each time, just $1 a month. Since we accept credit cards and bank transfers, we have pass through fees. The customer is not charged extra, just a small fee of $0.22 is deducted for credit cards, and $0.35 is deducted from checking accounts. This is what encourages parishioners to give each week; even if they are not attending mass.

So there you have it – a day in the life of Parish Giving. We listen, we help, we assist and we solve. We want our customers to be satisfied, and to us that is what good customer service is about. Remember this the next time you call a business about your account and you are given an automated directory instead of a person. We give you a person from the time you call to the time you hang up the phone. It’s just basic customer service.