It’s that time of the year again! Some look forward to it, while others dread it. A full academic year has come to a close. We are a year older, a year wiser, and ready for the next step in our life. Parent’s, this one is for you – especially if you pay the tuition.

If you send your child to parochial school, you know all about sacrifice, determination and hard work. You made sure that their tuition was paid on time each month on top of balancing other activities and sports at school. You put in the same amount of hard work that your child put in academically – don’t forget that.

Driving your children to and from school each day, attending softball games and football practices, homecoming dances and the list continues. Graduation is as much work for you as it was for your child. You put the time and effort in as much as they did in the classroom, and perhaps even more! It is time that you appreciate what you did these past 10 months and give yourself a bit of a financial break.

Many schools have to have some type of fundraising in order to raise money for after school activities and sports. Unfortunately it is not always in the school budget. You send out the booster letters to different organizations and businesses in the area hoping for an extra $20 for your child’s account, or you have to sell sweets or candles to your colleagues hoping that one of their sons or daughters aren’t fundraising the same week. How about a car wash, a coin drop, designer bag BINGO, school dance, even a clothing drive! Just the thought of all this work is exhausting!

So having said all this, Parish Giving wants to make your summers a bit easier and more relaxed. We have a program called Tuition Simplified. It’s, you guessed it, tuition payments simplified. How would you like to have off from paying tuition during the summer months of June and July? What would you even use that extra money towards? A family road trip, or maybe even a long weekend at the beach, perhaps some city sightseeing! Either way, we try to make it possible for you to have a bit of room in your finances.

Another great thing we offer is our online forms! We have a one stop shop where you can sign up, fill in all of your required information and pay all in one quick easy to use form! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fundraise your child’s sports and activities with an online form?

Just remember, everybody knows someone who is graduating: a co-workers child, your niece/nephew, son/daughter, or brother/sister. Know this – the sacrifice is not easy, but it is worth it in the end. Take a minute and pat yourself on the back because you deserve it. Now enjoy the summer because next year is a whole new adventure!