Community Band Aid 2

We had no idea when we first started the Community Band Aid blog that there would be any additional ideas! Well it turns out we were wrong! A couple of new stories came into us and we thought that we just had to share them with our followers! It is great to see how people in the community are reaching out to one another during this difficult time and making lemonade from the lemons!

Sleeping bags for the Homeless

Our very own Jill pointed this out to me! There is a segment on Fox Philly called Whatcha Makin? and recently someone wrote in that they are making sleeping bags for the homeless out of gently used sheets and blankets! What a wonderful idea! Needless to say, I had to do some research, but you can go to Pinterest and find different ways to make homemade sleeping bags! If you’d like to watch the video segment, check it out here. Thanks, Jill!

Checking in on the Elderly

It is the end of July and the heat has been turned up. Here in New Jersey we have had hardly any rain and the temps are soaring into the 90+ mark. If you have neighbors who are older, go check on them. Help them with small tasks such as food shopping and help them with their lawn/landscaping. It does not take much effort just to check in on them either. They would probably enjoy the company and conversation!

Donate Blood

We hear it on the news all the time – the American Red Cross needs our blood donations. Make a difference to someone and check to see where you can donate on the ARC website. It does not matter if it is a rare blood type, or a common one, they are all needed. You can even check and see if you are able to host a blood drive if there are not any in your area.

National Service

If nothing is popping out at you, check out the National Service website. They show numerous ideas on how you can volunteer in your community and different self-starter projects. There is no reason as to why you cannot volunteer during the pandemic if you truly want to.

If you have any additional thoughts about volunteering during the pandemic, we want to hear from you! Tweet or DM your ideas to us! We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Let’s become more connected!