Back to the Pew

It’s that time of the year. Christmas and Epiphany are now over, and when we see snow in the forecast, the Easter season is not in site. So, the question becomes, “how do we put our parishioners back in the pew”? Well, we think we have the answer for this – you must welcome them back and you can do it with your social media accounts. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how!

Existing Social Media users

Has it been a while since you have utilized your social media accounts? Perhaps you are no longer streaming your Mass on Facebook or YouTube. That’s perfectly fine, but that does not mean you should let your accounts collect dust. You need to apply them in a different way. Try some of these techniques:

  • Post pictures of events. We love seeing faces of those who have received the First Communion or Confirmation. You can also include pictures from different functions like Hospitality Sunday. Who doesn’t love seeing a child’s face when they bite into a chocolate donut first thing in the morning? Or perhaps you recently had a BINGO game. Take pictures of all the winners, groups of friends and so on and post them on your social media pages. Show the community that going to church is much more than just sitting for an hour every Sunday.
  • Post events. This is a great way to invite the community back to the church. Encourage them to join events such as dances, potlucks, carnivals and so much more. They can meet different groups such as the Knights of Columbus, the Rosary Society and much more.
  • Share other parishes events. It is about becoming a community, so why not share what other Catholic churches are doing in the area? In return, they will share your events too!

Don’t have Social Media?

Don’t worry – all social media accounts are free and can be linked to your parish website. We always suggest putting the icon at the top of your website so that when someone goes on your site, the first thing they will see is that you are on social media and other platforms (Parish Giving, perhaps?) you use.

Things to remember when using Social Media

Come up with a handle that will allow users to find you. For instance, we have @Parish_Giving for our Twitter, @ParishGivingJPPC for our Facebook and @parishgiving for Instagram. We try to keep in similar so we are easily found, and you can tag us on posts.

As you can see, social media can be used in a positive way and can help grow your parish. When you show users how much your parish likes to be a part of the community, this will help entice the community to join you. And who doesn’t love having new, smiling faces join you during Mass?