Week 4: How To Keep Occupied

So, I just realized that this is currently my third week working at home. I’ve have missed some events that I look forward to every year such as Singer Songwriter down in Cape May and Tartan Week in New York City. It just doesn’t seem as though there is much to look forward to this year. Instead we need to focus on keep ourselves busy. I’ve come up with a plan to follow that allows us to do something besides wait for new shows on Netflix and Prime.

Let’s Learn Something!

Many online learning platforms are offering free courses to take. Want to learn a new language? Learn about architecture? Improve your writing skills? Well check out edX. They offer thousands of courses from hundreds of universities that you can take.

Another platform to try is from Open University. They started OpenLearn so you can learn at your own pace and try out different courses from the university. You will have a statement of participation to show you completed the coursework too! Perhaps this could be a jumpstart for a new career or degree.

Good News!

After 8am I am no longer able to watch the news. I’m trying to keep a positive outlook with what is going on and hearing the negativity from the news outlets is not happening. That is why I am looking for good news to watch. Well John Krasinski has come up with a YouTube Channel called Some Good News. He celebrates all the positive work people are doing during the pandemic and helps you realize that there is always a silver lining if you look for it.

Quiz Shows

Okay, one of my guilty pleasures is watching comedic quiz shows. Well it’s not a guilty pleasure, I just love them. Jimmy Carr has started a quiz show called The Little Tiny Quiz of the Lockdown on his YouTube channel (are you seeing a pattern here?). You will have so many useless facts to tell your friends and family the next time you Zoom them! Like do you know what caused the permanent closure of the restaurants “Palm Court”, “Café Parisien” and “The Verandah” on April 15, 1912? Well I do! This channel is updated daily for your entertainment!


If you are using social media during our social distancing, you have to put in the hashtag #HomeTasking. You can watch clips of people taking challenges from Taskmaster’s YouTube channel. One of my favorite challenges has been Creating an Epic Sporting Moment in Your Kitchen. Because these videos can take a bit of time and creativity to create, Greg Davies is unable to announce the winners until after he’s watched the videos.

If you have any other ways to occupy your time, please share! Keep washing your hands!