New Normal

This is an interesting time we live in. Our worlds have been turned upside down. Since mid-March we have transitioned our homes into classrooms, offices, restaurants and so much more. One change that many parishes were not expecting was how to transition from worshiping at church to worshiping at home and keeping parishioners engaged. One thing is for certain – Parish Giving was ready to assist with each parish needs and are welcoming new churches too. If you are not thrilled with how your e-giving company is working with your parish, consider this as the perfect time to change. What do you have to lose?

Recently we interviewed a mother-daughter power team down in Charlottesville, VA. They have been with Parish Giving for a few years now. They transitioned from a larger e-giving company, and they were not thrilled with how they and their parishioners were being treated. Daily reports were being sent that were not correct, parishioners were not allowed to contact a representative at the company, there was a lack of marketing material and so on. As many business managers know you have enough daily tasks as is, you do not need additional work. Luckily for this team they knew who to ask for a recommendation – her nephew who is a priest. Without hesitation he said Parish Giving and the rest is history.

The switch from programs was simple. They gave their parishioners a month to sign up with the new company and they could begin giving right away. After a month, a large majority of parishioners were signed up and giving their weekly offerings and the business manager informed the old company that they are no longer in need of their services. It was a clean break.

After discussing what the team did not like about their former e-giving company, we asked them what they liked about Parish Giving. Their responses surprised us:

Marketing Material – The amount of marketing material we provide is second to none. We always supply our parishes with full color inserts and provide pictures to put in your bulletins and all are custom to the church. This helps encourage parishioners to give online but does not guilt or force them into their weekly offering.

Our Reports – as mentioned before the business manager was receiving daily reports. Instead of sending a daily report, we provide a weekly report being sent out the same day each week. She knows that every Wednesday she can expect an email from us, and all the information is correct. Parishioners no longer must call in asking if they received their contribution.

Our Portals – this makes the business team and the parishioners equally happy. They are easy to build when requested and easy for the parishioners to use. They can give via credit/debit card or bank account. Additionally, they can set it up to be taken out monthly, biweekly, weekly, or just once.

Customer Service – this is what really sets us apart from other e-giving companies. Our focus is on the customer (both business team and parishioners). If you have a question or comment, we are here to answer it for you. There are no hoops to jump through or middleman to talk to. Anyone can call, email or message us through our social media platforms and someone will be in contact happy to help.

We are a customer focused company. We want to make it easier for your church and parishioners to give during this crisis. We offer an easy transition plan that can help you go from your current e-giving company to us. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us at 1-866-307-7140 or email us at Keep up to date with everything Parish Giving on our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!