I’m sitting at home right now catching up on emails and my to do list for tomorrow. I check my email quickly and notice the subject line on the email reads: Need some self-care? We got you. Yes Ulta, I could use some self-care. Perhaps not the kind that you can provide me with right now because let’s face it, the last thing I care about is how this lipstick is more early spring than late spring. Instead I’m looking for the self-care that makes me feel good during this pandemic we are currently going through. I thought I’d assemble a couple of quick ideas that can make us all feel human again.


Okay, if you read our blog on a regular basis you know that exercise is something that helps me feel good inside and out. The hard part now is that gyms are closed and we are having to limit the amount of time we are around others. Well the brilliant people at MPC (My Peak Challenge) have come up with an idea – a FREE 30 social distancing exercise plan. Yes, FREE! Anyone can join even if they are not current Peakers. You can find the free exercises that can be done at home without any weights or equipment here.

Limit the time you watch the news

I know. When we are in a pandemic like this sometimes you need the comfort of hearing updates and see what else is going on in the world. Just try to limit the time you watch it. I am allowing myself 30 minutes when I wake up in the morning (because I’m half asleep anyways) and that’s it. I’m not watching it at lunch or dinner, I don’t have it on as background noise while working. This will help you feel better, I promise!

Limit Social Media

When I go on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for Parish Giving I always see celebrities in their bathing suits on the beach. I have no idea why for saying I don’t follow them, but they always seem to appear. With captions like, “wishing I was here instead of social distancing” doesn’t make anyone feel better. Keep in mind that this too shall pass. You too will be in your bathing suit at the Jersey shore sooner than you think. I promise.

Eat as healthy as you can

Yes I know we are not supposed to be going out to the grocery store often, but sometimes you need fresh fruit and vegetables in order to keep sane. I know my diet has changed due to some foods not being on shelfs, but I am making due with what I do have. Try to stay away from anything that you know your body doesn’t like, but also allow yourself to be comforted by food. It’s the only comfort some of us have right now.

Play games

This is the time to remember that you not only love the people you live with, but like them as well. I never recommend Monopoly (because let’s face it, there is always that one family member…), but you can play Jenga, The Game of Life, Yahtzee, etc. It’s all about leaving your stress behind and just having a laugh! The main point of self-care!

As you can see there are numerous ways to self-care. Pick one or come up with your own. There is no wrong way or right way. Just your way. Keep calm and self-care on!