It is that time of the year again where we share our love with those around us. Whether you have found that special someone, or you find yourself in a relationship with yourself, it is important to have a bit of love this Valentine’s Day. We want to share with you the different self-love and self-care ideas to help you through a COVID Valentine’s Day. It is all about doing something YOU love whether it is self-love or self-care. Enjoy!


Sometimes we just need to write our feelings whether positive or negative, and then turn another page in our life. Right now, a lot are finding this beneficial to their wellbeing. You can have a different journal for the different things you are going through in life. One of my favorites is my COVID one where I can write about what is going on in my life during these times. In a couple of years, I hope to read through it and be thankful it is all over with.

Taking a Hot Bath

Few things bring me greater joy than taking a hot bath on a cold night. I pour in my Mr. Bubble that brings a sense of nostalgia from my childhood, put on some soft music in the background, light a candle, and just soak. All the negative in my life just disappears and I feel renewed.


One of my favorite shows is the Great British Bake Off®. Between the camaraderie with the bakers, and the different delectable treats they make, it has turned me into wanting to be a baker. I am nowhere near as talented as those on the show, but baking has become therapeutic for me. I know I will be baking some cookies this weekend that involves rolling out the dough and using cookie cutters! Who knows, maybe some icing too for decorating!

Dancing While Listening to Music

I miss going out with friends. I miss stepping into a venue playing live music and just (metaphorically) letting my hair down. Dancing is something that just makes you feel good, and when listening to a great cover band, that makes you feel even better. Although we are currently unable to go out and listen to live music, you can still put some music on and dance! Try having a Zoom dance party with some friends while listening to the same music, or just dance by yourself. Your endorphins will thank you!


If you are lucky enough to have a pet, then spend some quality time with them. Petting an animal, whether a horse or a dog, will greatly improve your mood and theirs. If you do not have a pet, then go for a walk and say hello to all the dogs you pass along the way. Perhaps you will even make a new paw friend!

Visit Somewhere New

I am looking out my window and seeing a snow-covered yard. Perhaps today is not a day to go somewhere new, but this weekend will be. I try to schedule plenty of day trips over the weekend because there is not much else to do during the week. I have visited different state and county parks along with different beach towns on the Garden State Parkway. When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. When life tells you that you should not hop on a plane and visit a new destination, you find that new destination somewhere nearby.

Netflix®, YouTube® and Other Streaming Devices

Sometimes you need a good laugh to help yourself feel better, or something to make you think. Discovering new television shows and movies during COVID has been a blessing. Now when I talk with my colleagues and boss, I ask not only how their weekend was, but also what they are streaming. They have helped me discover new shows and movies that I may not have watched otherwise. Some make me laugh, some make me think, and others make me want more. What are some shows and movies you have been streaming?

I hope these suggestions help you enjoy a self-love and self-care Valentine’s Day. Whether you are alone or not, you deserve love, and the best kind of love is self-love. Enjoy!