Tuition Simplified

It’s that time of the year again where we start thinking about next year school’s tuition. There are numerous sites out there in which you can pay your tuition online. They all seem pretty similar don’t they; generic guarantees and making you just another number in their books. Don’t you want something different this coming school year? Parish Giving is that something different.

As we all know, sending children to private or parochial school is a sacrifice. Balancing the budget to make sure students are able to have a uniform, participate in after school sports and so on is important. Paying late fees for tuition affects the school budget and bank account as well. What if we told you we do not charge a late fee if unable to pay tuition on time? It’s true. We don’t want to make it more difficult than it already has to be.

Also keep in mind that we are also able to provide online registration and payment forms for school fundraisers and events at no additional cost! Not many other school tuition companies are able to provide this asset. We are truly a one stop shop for school tuition and giving!

If your parish uses us for their weekly offering site, then you already know how user friendly we are, and what great customer service we have! If you do not use us already for your online giving, then try us for your school tuition site. You will be happy you did! No late payments, we contact families who haven’t paid and we are able to create custom forms for whatever you need! Give us a call, or email us today!