Religious Education – The Parent’s Side


After much discussion, we decided to write two different blogs this week about Religious Education. We already informed you as to why you should send your child(ren) to Religious Education; now we thought we’d let you know how easy it is to sign up! Since we want to cater to both our parishes and parents, we thought we’d do a blog focusing on each individual! Look out for a part 2 for parishes later on this week!

With the end of one school year comes the promise of a new one around the corner. That means another year of Religious Education. Do you remember signing up last year, or did you try to forget it like most parents? Long lines, endless paperwork, writing out a check and so on! What if I told you this year could be different? If your parish uses Parish Giving, we can make signing up for Religious Education that much easier! Keep reading to find out.

Last year at this time, were you waiting to hear what time Religious Education registration was going to begin? You were thinking to yourself how you can excuse yourself from work for an extended lunch, or how you could juggle a doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping, Religious Education registration and having dinner on the table by 6pm? Well you don’t have to worry about juggling or using flex time at work. Now, you can sign up at whatever time is convenient for you!

Once the announcement is made by your church that online registration for Religious Education is open, you can sign up at any time. All you need to do is type in the web address, very your information (don’t worry, we include allergies, medical and emergency information!), and then proceed to pay online by bank transfer or credit/debit card.  You are able to see which class your child is in. No more guessing games! We also have a toll free number you can dial in case you need any assistance! That’s right, a real person to help you!

So let’s review: what would you rather do, spend half your day signing up for your children’s Religious Education program by filling out endless forms, or spend your day however you’d like and sign up on your own time? If you prefer the latter, then tell your parish about Parish Giving! You will be happy you did!