Staycation: Part Two

If you enjoyed our part one in the series, you are sure to enjoy part two! We have bigger and better ideas on what you can do during your staycation to save money and keep your family entertained! Here we go!

Movie Night!

Instead of going to a busy, packed, noisy movie theater, why not rent a projector and watch one outside? Light the citronella candle, get the bug spray and lay on an oversized picnic blanket. With a lot of Disney movies becoming live action, you can watch some of their animated ones to get in the spirit! You can watch Cinderella, Snow White, Mulan, The Lion King, Aladdin and so much more! Why not watch a different Toy Story every Friday night and then go to a movie theater that shows films that have been out for a few weeks to see Toy Story 4? Sign me up!

Block Party

Are you new to the neighborhood? Want to get to know your neighbors better? Why not have a neighborhood block party? Each house can be responsible for their own theme. One can be in charge of grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, another can be in charge of games and another can be the house to relax at if you need to take a breather. Shut your street off to traffic if you are able to, and just enjoy an afternoon of food, games and friendship!

Botanical Gardens

I love the smell of flowers in bloom. That’s why visiting a botanical garden is so special in the summer time; they always have flowers blooming everywhere! Lots have climate controlled green houses to keep the humidity and temperature just right so the plants feel as though they are in their natural habitat.

It’s not just botanical gardens – you can also visit national parks or a zoo as well! We are big fans of the Cape May Zoo! They only ask for a donation to enter so be generous! It’s a beautiful park with lots of animals roaming around. Many of us think it’s better than the Philadelphia Zoo!

Be Active!

It’s summer which means you see people outside running, walking and biking early in the morning! Why not get out and join them?  Take a bike ride at a local park. Why not try exploring the Delaware and Raritan Canal? It’s about 70 miles of trails along the canal for the whole family. Bike, run or walk your way through parts of it. It starts as far south as Bordentown and it extends to Hunterdon and Somerset Counties. Check it out on a nice day! For maps and information check out their website!

With all of these free or discounted activities, you are able to put extra money away for school activities and sports! Many schools whether public or private charge for extracurricular activities! This could be sports, music or clubs. Parish Giving offers sign up forms for any type of school extracurricular – check out our website for more information or give us a call today! We like making things easier for parents and schools!