Plan for Fall

Believe it or not, television commercials are dedicated to back to school! Teachers are gearing up for their classrooms with seasonal decorations, motivational pictures and plenty of ideas on how to make this school year better than the last. Are you doing the same thing with your Fall plans? Remember, it all starts now!


You are probably thinking, “What should I be planning?” Well, have you checked out our Parish Giving inserts for this time of the year? You can schedule them in advance, and we’ll make sure they are put into your bulletin for that date. All you have to do is email or call us, let us know the dates and which inserts you like, and we’ll take it from there!

Remember, our Parish Giving inserts are FREE and do not count against your John Patrick Publishing annual insert allotment! The best part about our inserts is that they are FULL COLOR! Often time companies charge for color, but we want to make sure they stand out and attract parishioners to them. The more they notice the insert, the more likely they are to see what it’s about. That means more offerings for the parish!

If you are trying to be “green” and use less paper, we offer Parish Giving graphics (and inserts!) to paste inside of your church bulletin. You are then able to customize it with your website and additional wording if you’d like. We made the graphic, and you have the control of how and when you want to use it!


We all know that the Fall is the start of crazy, hectic schedules. Why not use our forms to keep your parish activities organized. No need for extra binders or folders; we can have everything labeled on your computer so you can easily locate it. We even allow parents to pay online so you do not have to worry about checks or cash. We want to make your lives easier!

As you can see we are here to help you this school year! Next week’s blog will have even more information about how to make the most of Parish Giving! Let us know if you want to know more about us! Contact us today!