National Poverty Awareness Month

January is National Poverty Month in America. As humans we want to be good and help people – it is part of human nature. During the pandemic, many families have been needing to make sacrifices on everyday essentials. This is at no fault of their own either, which makes this National Poverty Month all the more important.

I have come up with a few ways I am helping those who live below the poverty line. We can all do our part to help and no deed is too small. Here are some ideas that I have come up with:

Online Donations

Parish Giving offers numerous categories in which you and your parish can donate towards. Some are St. Vincent de Paul Society, Catholic Relief, Missions and so much more. You are even able to pick where you would like for your donations to go.

If you are not able to donate your money to one of the causes, many are looking for volunteers to help with the cause. It is all about paying it forward because each day is a gift.

My Peak Challenge

I have been participating in MPC on and off for the past four years. In past years, 50% of your membership fee went to different organizations such as Marie Curie™ and Blood Cancer Research UK™. This year all proceeds go to the Global FoodBanking Network™ and Feeding America™ due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

MPC is a lifestyle for many. It teaches healthy habits and personal growth within us. I joined last year because I was supposed to climb the highest peak in Morocco, so I wanted to prepare myself mentally and physically for the challenge. This year I am joining to keep myself active, help others with food poverty, and to be less dependent on my smart phone. Check out their site for more information.

Waste Less Food

Americans are known around the world for food waste. We may not want to see it, but how often do you toss your leftovers if not eaten within a couple of days? Too many times, correct? When we buy less produce during a trip to the store, but go to the store more often, we are going to waste less food. I am not saying to go to the grocery store every day, but perhaps twice a week rather than once. This way you can have your fresh produce, but you are also able to eat your leftovers as well.

One site I was given is Sharing Excess. It gives direction on how your food surplus can go towards food banks, food kitchens, non-profits and so much more! It is worth a checkout if you are curious as to how it works!

You may wonder how you are wasting less food will help with poverty. It is because the food not purchased in the store can be picked up by a food bank or food kitchen. Less waste and more helping.

I hope some of these tidbits help you and you are able to help with National Poverty Month the best way you know how. You do not know what tomorrow brings so help out today!