A Different New Year’s Resolution

Every January 1st we come up with the same resolutions – we want to lose weight, become a healthier version of ourselves, or join a gym and actually use the membership. Well, 2021 is not going to be a typical year, so why not come up with a not so typical resolution? Instead let us focus on what we know we can do, rather than what society tells us we need to do. Because let us face it, dry January and Veganuary are not going to happen.

I was going over with someone today my goals for 2021 and it made me think that this is the perfect first blog post for this year. Once you tell everyone Happy New Year for the millionth time you actually need to discuss some plans for the new year. We know that 2021 will, in all likelihood, be similar to 2020. No jet setting to the Islands, no cruises, no backpacking through Europe. Instead, we will be planning plenty of day trips and helping our local economies instead which I must say I do love! So, let us check out some 2021 inspiring New Year’s Resolutions!

Resolution 1: Plan Financially

So, the first thing I encourage everyone to do is plan financially. Parish Giving can help you with that! If you are hesitant attending mass in person, and you usually give with a check, why not set yourself up online to have it automatically debited each week? This way you know exactly how much is going to your parish each week and you can enjoy mass from the comfort of your robe and slippers while streaming on your device! Sounds like a win win to me!

Resolution 2: Take Advantage of the Outdoors

This year my family and I visited state and county parks and different shore towns that we most likely never would have if it were not for COVID. We learned the ones that we would visit again, and the ones where one visit was more than enough. Since being outdoors is safer, why not plan a couple of day trips to a park or lake and enjoy the scenery and fresh air!

Resolution 3: Continue to enjoy meals together

This is something we should continue to do as families. Sit down and eat with one another and talk about our days. Yes, most likely you are with your family all day, but are you actually talking with one another or are you doing school virtually and working from home still? Take the time to cook the meal together as well. Why not try a new recipe or new style of cuisine too? You will never know if you like it until you try it!

Resolution 4: Do an Act of Kindness

Doing something for others makes you feel better. Some ideas are paying it forward: for example if you are on your morning coffee run, why not pay for the person behind you in line? Another idea is do a “ding dong ditch” package for a neighbor: perhaps some arts and crafts for the kids to keep them out of mom and dad’s hair during the winter months! My favorite is writing a letter to someone to say hi! Not a text message or an email, but an actual hand written letter that you send in the mail. It can really make a big difference and brighten their day!

So why not try these four resolutions? You can spend more time with your family and make new memories that you may not have if it were not for COVID. Let’s make some lemonade out of those lemons and keep life sweet!