A Visit from a COVID Christmas

‘Twas the Eve before Christmas, and COVID is still here

Not a party was forming, not even near;

The stockings have been strung from the banister with care,

In the hopes that baseball tickets will be there.

The kids were hanging out in their rooms,

With disinfectants, clean masks and Zoom;

Mom dreams of vaccines so the kids can go back to school,

Hybrid learning wasn’t her favorite tool;

When outside in Trenton there was barely a noise,

As a skeleton crew of the employs,

And some new members of the Parish Giving crew,

Are dreaming of Christmas pasts that just flew!

In the Production Room colorful Parish Giving inserts are stacked,

They go in their carefully marked boxes for FedEx to track.

Upon a glare, I noticed a figure over there,

With eight courier vans all prepared,

I knew at this moment it must be Vicki with her fleet:

Now, Jack! Now, Bob! Now, David and Donny!

Now, Joe! Now, Ryan! Now, Pete and Danny!

To the parishes they shall go,

And deliver the bulletins before it snows!

Before we knew it, it had begun to flurry,

JPPC and Parish Giving didn’t even scurry.

In our home offices we go, knowing the phones would begin to ring,

Churches asking if their Parish Giving insert would be in – it would make their pastor sing!

With her cheeks all rosy, Vicki said with glee:

“We happily inserted them in boxes carefully!”.

Back to work we went – call after call,

Churches thanked us all!

The packages have been delivered to rectories with care,

We all knew the bulletins would make it there.

The clock chimed 4:30,

And we clocked out in a hurry!

As we emailed, “Merry Christmas!” to everyone,

We hope you can Zoom your loved ones!