Fall Back to School

It feels as though summer just started. Shore towns started to open, swimming pools and splash parks started to fill with families, and the smell of freshly cut grass filled the air. Now all the commercials on television are about back to school deals. Where did summer go? Well, either way it is time for a new school year and a fresh start. Here is how Parish Giving is preparing for another school year.


We are offering a simpler approach to tuition payments online. Our tuition module is different than most programs. Since life throws enough obstacles in our way, we decided that we would not. If you are late with a monthly payment, we do not charge additional late fees. You are already paying for your child’s tuition, why should you pay extra? Give us a call to see what other incentives we offer both parents and schools.

Online forms

You can use our online forms for your school. If you have sports, after school activities, or other fundraisers our online forms are the perfect way to sign up. You do not need to worry about losing checks since you can pay online, and if the event is free, we can customize them, so the form does not require payments. If you have an idea for an event/sport/after school activity, I can guarantee we have a form that can be customized just for you!

Seeing your Friends

This is the highlight to many students – seeing their friends that they haven’t seen since the last day of school. Since some students in Catholic schools may not live locally, they may not have been able to see their friends during summer vacation. Now students can discuss with their friends the different things they did during summer vacation. Visiting family that they haven’t seen in a while, swimming, camp, and plenty of other fun activities! What are you excited to talk to your friends about when you see them for the first time in a few months?

As you can see many are happy to be falling back into school this year. There will be plenty of after school activities, sports, and plenty of help for parents when it comes to paying tuition. Now make sure you have your school uniform freshly cleaned and pressed off, so you make a great first impression for you new school year!