Carnival Season!

The time has arrived for Church Carnival Season! The days are longer, the sun is warm and inviting, and school is coming to an end with summer vacation upon us. With summer break comes creative ways to entertain the family. This is why a Church Carnival is important for the parish and the area it is in. Here at Parish Giving, we are all about bringing everyone together and that’s why we choose to celebrate Church Carnival season!

Many ask, “why a Church Carnival”? The answer is easy – it brings the community together. Whether you are a member of the parish, or a member of the public, it is a safe welcoming place to have fun while helping a good cause. Many of those who volunteer are members of the parish community.

A Panorama of Fun Fair illustration

They take the time out of their hectic lives to make the event one to remember. It’s an occasion for everyone to enjoy.

There are plenty of booths at Church Carnivals as well. These booths offer fun and games for everyone. You can create works of art where all you need is colored sand and an old coke bottle, knock down where you knock down the cans, balloon pop where you try to pop the balloon for a prize and so much more! Doesn’t this bring back memories of winning that gold fish at a carnival?

Volunteers are where the heart of the carnival lies. Without them none of this would happen. The volunteers help to bring the community closer together rather than allowing it to drift apart. Some of these volunteers may be parishioners while others are nuns, deacons or other clergy members of the church. Either way, most volunteers want to help and serve the carnival.

Since Church Carnivals last more than one night, they often have theme nights. Some popular ones are family night, parish night or community night. There are often specials for rides and wristbands, and carnival food as well! Who doesn’t enjoy a special on a warm funnel cake? I know I do!

So, there is much more beneath the surface of a Church Carnival that many of us never thought about! If your parish is planning one, go help out! You can help set up, work a booth, or come up with different theme nights! Remember, it takes all sorts to make it a success!