Torn in Every Direction

You walk into the kitchen. Dirty dishes are piled high in the sink. Someone spilled milk on the floor and didn’t clean it up. The trash is over flowing. The recyclables have not been taken out. And no one has even thought about what’s for dinner tonight. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s that time of year where life is throwing a curveball at you from every direction. We want to help throw one less in your direction.

Spring is always the busiest for parents. It’s that time of the year where everything happens all at once. School is coming to an end, and you have baccalaureate mass, graduations to attend, weddings to be present at, cards to buy, checks to write and gifts to wrap. It never ends.

It seems as though you are writing checks out left and right as well, or giving cash away to every other person you see. Confirmation, First Communion, 8th Grade Graduation, High School Graduation… it never ends. Before you know it, all of your checks and cash you keep in your wallet are gone. What do you do for mass Sunday morning?

We have solved one of your problems: pay your weekly church offering online. It is simple and quick, during any part of your day. No more having to worry about cash or a check when you go to mass. You can just enter a credit card number or bank account information and you are done.

Sometimes you need to step away from your hectic life and just enjoy the tranquility of the church for some peace and quiet, and peace of mind. You can collect your thoughts and breathe. It doesn’t matter if it is Sunday mass or a Thursday afternoon – the doors are always open. You are welcome to sit as long as you need.

Next time you walk into your kitchen, and it’s a mess, just stop and go into another room and take a deep breath. Hopefully that room is cleaner and has a comfy chair you can sit on. Take a minute for yourself and clear your mind – everything else can wait. That is how it feels when you give your weekly offering online through Parish Giving – peace of mind.