The Secret Life of Parish Giving Pets

We thought we’d give our readers a part 2 to our Pet Rescue blog. Animals are a soft spot for most of us on the social media team, and we thought we would share some stories of our loveable pets!

Jill has quite an amount of critters! Here are some of her funny stories!

My barn cat brings me presents of birds, mice and frogs – usually with a missing head or body part!

My horse can open normal gate latches. He uses his nose to lift the latch and pushes the gate with his body – it is hilarious to watch!   One day, he decided to leave the other two horses out of their paddocks and the three of them were at the neighbor’s house calmly eating grass!  After that, we had to triple lock the gates but would enjoy secretly watching him try to open them.

During the day, our chickens are locked in a coop/run.  Sometime in the afternoon or evening, we leave them out to free range around the property. It never fails, when we go out to the barn to leave them out, one of our girls comes running up to us to say Hi!  We have no idea how she gets out – we have examined very inch of their run and coop and it doesn’t look possible that any chicken could get out – but she does!

Heather and her pets – well they say a picture is worth a thousand words…


Amy has a furnephew who keeps her on her toes!

Every time I visit my friend, my furnephew Merlin greets me with numerous kisses! He knows I brought him his favorite dog biscuits from a bakery in New York City each time I visit. Mer knows that I love to spoil him and that he’s my favorite!

Do you have any funny pets at home? Let us know!