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It’s finally summertime. Things are returning to normal, especially compared to last year at this time. Kids and adults are encouraged to socialize with one another again. Plenty of hugs and social interaction are going around. Vacation Bible School is also making a comeback this summer with many parishes. Are you and your child(ren) ready for a week of VBS? If not, we have the perfect blog for you to read! Let’s have a great summer with VBS!

Week of Fun!

Many of our parishes are advertising a week of fun with VBS! If you and your child(ren) are looking for a week-long summer activity, then VBS is the winner. It will help everyone become re-acquainted with classmates and meet new friends as well. You will sing, learn, and have fun activities and art projects to do!

Learning Life Lessons

VBS has always been a place where children are taught life lessons working hard, being kind, having hope and so much more! It helps to keep children positive and to learn that they can overcome any obstacle that comes their way. You hear bible verses about Jesus and his friends and how they overcame obstacles in their paths. When a child can relate to Jesus and his friends, it makes it easier for them to understand the message and help them become involved in church as they grow.


From a VBS theme song to psalms and other music, there are plenty of songs to sing during the course of the week. Your family will enjoy the music well past the end of VBS and into the school year. You will be excited to learn the songs for next year’s VBS once the school year has ended. Some songs for this year’s VBS are Your Power Will Pull Us Through, Everywhere I Go, and Power in the Blood. Great tracks for the entire family!


The camps have snack time too. Your child will have a themed snack around that day’s bible verse. One example may be a Fruit Pizza, or Granola Bars. As always please inform the camp leaders of any allergies and they will accommodate your child’s needs.

As you can see, there is plenty for your child to do during VBS. The week will gear them up for the next school year and help them make new friends. Check out your church website and social media pages to see what there VBS theme is this year, or to see where your closest VBS is at!