National Wildlife Day

It is September 4th which means it is National Wildlife Day! This day is supposed to bring attention to different species in your area, and the rest of the world. So, I thought in honor of National Wildlife Day some of us from the Parish Giving team would tell our readers about our favorite wild species and why! Hope you enjoy!


This is Heather’s favorite wild species! They are often seen in backyards right now eating our garden-fresh produce, but when you see their cute faces how can you hate them?! Just keep Heather’s advice in mind when planting a garden – a little for them and a little for you! I am sure they appreciate all the tomatoes you are feeding them, Heather!


Jill said it best when she wrote that this is way too difficult to answer! She loves all animals and her favorite can change day to day as she learns new things about animals, view a beautiful animal picture or simply look out her window at the wildlife in my back yard! Since she has owned and loved horses the longest, Jill will tell you why they are one of her favorites. Most horses are domesticated but some still remain in the wild. Horses exude strength and power and yet they are kind, gentle and just want to please you!  Horses have taught her patience, responsibility, and to live in the moment. There is nothing like riding a horse over all sorts of terrain, competing with, and training them new things. When the bond of trust happens with them, it is an indescribable feeling. When they trust, they give you unconditional love. There is nothing like getting a nuzzle when you are having a bad day, receiving a “snort or neigh” hello and getting a horse hug! That is a great feeling, Jill!


There is such a variety of different birds out there! Some are big, some are small, some can fly, some cannot, some are colorful, and others are not! It is fascinating to think about. Some of my favorite birds are seagulls, hummingbirds, peacocks, and ducks. Think about the caw of the seagull, the chirp of a robin, and the quack of a duck. They are like humans where they have their own dialect and language. All different types all around the world. You can travel to different places and you will still never see all the different species of birds out there. So incredible to think about! That is why birds are my favorite wildlife species.


There are some honorable mentions out there too! My friend sent me a picture of a hedgehog in his backyard. His dog thought it was a new playmate, but the hedgehog had other ideas! Also, during the summer after one of our evening thunderstorms I awoke to a visitor in my pool. This toad, or perhaps frog, appeared on the rim of my pool just enjoying the swampiness. I was happy I had a nice place for them to hang out safely!


There is such a variety of wildlife animals. What is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!