Labor Day

Labor Day is quickly approaching. It’s the unofficial end of summer and the beginning of the school year. To most of us, that is what Labor Day means. But what does it signify? To each person that is different. Here at Parish Giving, Labor Day means something different to each person. Here is what it means to some:

Celeste sees Labor Day as day in which she feels blessed to be working for John Patrick Publishing. It is also a day she remembers her family that came to America and worked in the Coal Mines during the Depression. Hard work is the reason we celebrate Labor Day.

Jill has a slightly different approach towards the holiday. She sees it as a day of rest, a family barbeque and a game night. Sounds like fun, Jill! She also sees Labor Day as a transition day between summer and the school year!

Joan sees it as a day in which hard work throughout the year is acknowledged and appreciated. You are able to rest, enjoy a good meal with family and friends as well. What a great way to see Labor Day!

Heather sees Labor Day as a 3 day hurrah before the craziness of the holidays settle in! November is closely associated with mayhem in her books! Plus she sees Labor Day with the hopes of cooler weather in the near future and quiet weeknights. It’s also her perfect time of the year to take a nice vacation with all the kids back in school! Smart idea, Heather!

I see Labor Day as a day to honor those who have worked hard and built the country we live in. From the people who built the bridges and rails, to those who commute on them day to day. Labor Day is a day we celebrate all of the above.

To all of our readers, we hope you have a fantastic and relaxing Labor Day. You’ve earned it!