Do Something Beautiful

During the pandemic I started to listen to podcasts for background noise while working. It was a nice escape from listening to the same repetitive songs on the radio and mix stations. The question is what topic do I feel like listening to today? That led me to the podcast Do Something Beautiful. It was real, it was authentic, and it was just what I needed at the time. Here is my review on Do Something Beautiful! Enjoy!

Do Something Beautiful for God. Do It With Your Life. Do It Every Day. Do It Your Own Way. But Do It!     ~ Saint Teresa of Calcutta

This quote is used throughout the podcast. Leah Darrow who is the voice of the podcast goes around to different people who are doing something beautiful in the world. They exemplify beauty from the inside which makes the world a more beautiful place. You do not need to be Catholic in order to enjoy the podcast, just someone who enjoys good news stories. Here are my favorite three podcasts so far:


For me, the intro podcast sets the tone as to whether or not I will continue listening – as is the same with most people. You have to realize that many podcasters are trying to find their voice with the first one and there are often kinks to work out such as editing and timing. Basically, none are perfect and that is what I like about them.

Do Something Beautiful seemed to know that intro podcasts are not perfect and perhaps that is why they kept it short and simple. Leah had her sister on, and they explained their love of Mother Teresa (this is prior to her canonization), what the quote of, “do something beautiful for God…” means to them, and what they hope to accomplish with the podcast which is seeing inner beauty. It really seemed like two sisters catching up rather than a podcast.

The Dating Project

This is one podcast topic that really spoke to me. Dr. Kerry Cronin is a professor at Boston College and teaches a “dating class” in which she has her students go on an old-fashioned date in the course. You must ask the person on a date, plan a date that is 45-90 minutes, no alcohol is allowed, and the person who asks the person out must pay. The whole idea is to learn about the other person, and to let that person know about you.

She has come up with this experiment because of her students and the new “hook-up” culture her students are in. Cronin wants her students to realize that dating uplifts a person and makes them feel good about themselves, while the “hook-up” has negative side affects that can lead to bad self esteem and harm.

The Dating Project is also a film that Cronin helped produce. After listening to the podcast, I did a bit of research and watched YouTube segments of Cronin’s lectures. Now I want to watch the film to see if it provides more insight to the dating world we live in today.

What Even Is Beauty?

This is the latest podcast of Do Something Beautiful. It is the second of a 2-part episode. Leah and Fr. Gregory Maria Pine, OP. He gives us listeners a challenge – take a “snow day”. A challenge many of us would like to take.

When you take a snow day you are able to enjoy the beauty. You are able to take the time to do whatever it is your heart desires. Enjoy a real lunch, enjoy watching the snow fall (or the outdoors), just take the time to enjoy the experience. Do not see it as a day wasted but see it as a day to re-charge.

After listening to a few Do Something Beautiful podcasts, I can honestly say I will be listening to more. They are real and authentic and all you to think. They are also around 30 minutes long so they are perfect for your commute to work, your morning walk or before you end your day.