Be Thankful for Everything

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. It is a day in which we reflect upon the past year and see how our lives have grown and changed. We remind ourselves that we should be thankful for the things we have, rather than be upset with ourselves for what we think we are missing. It is also about gratitude – showing our appreciation for what we have. So, this is our blog dedicated being thankful for everything that we have. Hope you enjoy!

Morning Caffeine

My first moment (and only moment) of relaxation in the morning is with my cup of coffee. It is made the way I like it, strong and rich. I sit on the couch and look out the window and see the birds having their breakfast and sometimes I even spot a family of deer. This is where I have a bit of reflection about life and see what I am thankful for. I have a good cup of coffee, I have a warm house to live in, I have a nice scene of nature to watch; this is something I need to remind myself about each morning. Have you tried this during your morning cup of coffee?

Things I take for Granted

We all have attachments to inanimate objects. Mine is my car Sunset. We are going through a love/hate relationship right now. She helps me go to work, work out at the gym, buy groceries at the store, etc., but she also decided to start to age a bit on me. What I should be feeling is how thankful I am that she has gotten me from point A to point B for the past 5 years, not how much is this service going to cost me? I just need to keep in mind that I earn a paycheck every other week, and I can go out and purchase a vehicle at any point. She knows I do not take her for granted, but I do need to show her how thankful I am before saying goodbye.

There are other things that I take for granted in my daily life that I should be showing gratitude for. The Thanksgiving holiday is a big one. Not only am I able to have a delicious dinner, but I am also able to have a nice brunch and enjoy watching the Thanksgiving Day parade on the television. This is a true blessing this year because we do not have all the restrictions from the previous holiday.


At the end of the day, I like to reflect as to how it went prior to turning the lights out. It’s not would I do anything differently, but rather what am I most thankful for from today. This is especially important to do after a bad or stressful day where everything goes wrong. Sometimes what I am thankful for comes rather quickly, while at other times I need to dig a bit.

These are some of the ways in which I show I am thankful and appreciative each day. How do you go about sharing gratitude? Are you someone who shares it with a Gratitude Tree, or are you someone who enjoys self-reflection instead? There is no right or wrong answer so long as you are thankful for both the big and small things in your life. We hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.