A Continuation

As you can remember, we left off our last blog discussing our online forms. They were our ticket item to create more of a buzz when it came to communicating with our parishes. No longer were we just a weekly offering site; we are now something more meaningful.

You may wonder what our first form was – well it was all about CYO. Since many of us have young children participating in sports, it made sense for us to create an online form to allow us to register for all CYO sports. Whether it is soccer, basketball or baseball, we have created an online form for it! Check out some of our retro graphics on our blog!


After we discovered what a hit our online forms were, we decided to do a little advertising of our own by helping you push your online giving program. If you’re successful, we are successful!  We created inserts for our parishes to use in their weekly bulletin FREE OF CHARGE! You ask and we print and insert it into your bulletin (if you use John Patrick Publishing)!

Our inserts are usually season related. We have everything from Back to School (back to tuition!), Vacations, Christmas, Easter and everything in between!


Speaking of back to school and back to tuition, Parish Giving started a school tuition payment program as well! We understand what it’s like to be on a budget and therefore we decided not to charge parents over late payments. We think just one small consideration sets us apart from other tuition programs, don’t you think?


With over 400 churches using our services we are constantly upping our game! If you have an event coming up, feel free to ask us to create an online form for you! We enjoy creating and advertising them! Many of our parishes create online forms with payments and have us advertise them on our social media platforms! We love to share!

Forms, Weekly Offerings, Inserts, Tuition… What else is to come? Only the future knows! Keep reading our blog and checking out our social media to see what’s next for Parish Giving!