Virtual Day of Giving

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the halfway point of 2021. For the past 14 months we have been adjusting to our new virtual life. We have virtual meetings, Mass is often streamed online, virtual classrooms and so much more. Why not hold a Virtual Day of Giving as well? Since many fundraising events were cancelled or postponed in 2020, why not hold these events virtually this year? Let us embrace our virtual life a bit longer and see how a Virtual Day of Giving can benefit you and your parish!

What exactly is a Virtual Day of Giving?

A Virtual Day of Giving can be used in substitution of an in-person event. Since not everyone is fully vaccinated and comfortable being around others from outside their homes, virtual events allow everyone to be socially distant, but to still be able to raise funds for something important: a communal garden, benches dedicated to loved ones who have passed, and so on.

How should I plan a Virtual Day of Giving?

We do recommend planning around 6 months in advance. This is because you need to generate a stir around the day of giving. Create a poster, have an online form made, post on your social media, and make a hashtag for the event. It is all about gaining viewers and followers when it comes to a virtual event. *If you need help with creating a social media buzz, check out our hints and tips that are posted on our social media accounts*

Why should you make the event personal?

A story always helps tug at people’s heart strings. Making it personal adds an extra touch. If you are trying to raise funds for a peaceful garden, interview someone who has a connection to that garden or to gardens in general. How do they feel when they see the first blossoms of spring? What does a rose bush mean to them? How important is having a bench dedicated to a loved one in the garden mean? What are their first memories of gardening? All these ideas and questions can help stir others and their memories of gardens and makes it more likely for people to give.

As you can see our virtual lives are not going anywhere any time soon. We need to learn to embrace and utilize it the best way we can. You may be surprised as to how successful your Virtual Day of Giving turns out. With social media creating a buzz and using our online giving forms for a virtual sign-up, you can reach your fundraising goals and then some. Email us or give us a call to find out more!