Sustainable World

It’s hard to believe that it is 2020. We have everything at our fingertip’s technology wise. There are self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and computers can even voice translate during video conferences. You may wonder what’s next in our lifetime? Well how about a sustainable world? Parish Giving’s social media team is trying to live a more sustainable life and we have some tips on how we are going to do it this year!

Where do we keep our old items?

If you are like me, you keep all of your old cell phones in a make-up bag in your underwear drawer just collecting dust. There are better uses for them. Try donating them to a better cause such as Cell Phones for Soldiers, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), or even Secure the Call which makes sure everyone who needs a cell phone has one. Even check with your cell phone carrier to see if they can recommend where you can donate your old cell phone.

Glasses are another popular item we tend to hoard when change our frames. Why not donate them instead of keeping them in our nightstand? In New Jersey we have Recycling NJ which provides drop off locations for items that can be recycled. Many stores such as Sears, Target Optical, and Lens Crafters also accept eyeglass donations. See what you can find online; you may even receive a coupon or gift card for your donation!

Shoes galore! I’m someone who tries to keep their shoe obsession under wraps, but at times I see a cute pair that I just can’t say no to! When I buy that new pair, I try to say goodbye to an old pair. When they are still good, I feel bad just tossing them out. What I try to do is look for a place that accepts gently used shoes, or someone who is having a shoe drive. Gratitude 4 Grandparents whom we recently mentioned in our last blog is having a shoe drive next month. We’ll be posting the details on our social media sites so stay tuned for more information!

Donate to an Animal Rescue!

Do you have an over-abundance of old towels, perfume that you may not like the smell of anymore or animal food? You should donate them to your local animal rescue or zoo. Try a Google search (or your favorite search engine) to see if your local shelter needs any donations. You can even drive by and donate them and see if there is anything else the shelter may need. It’ll feel good to empty your closet for a good cause.

Food Pantries

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while you’ve probably realized that we are passionate about two things – animals and food pantries. Once the holidays are over, it seems as though people are not donating as much food. By donating to a food bank or pantry we are wasting less food and helping those who may not otherwise be able to provide their family with a basic, nutritious necessity.

We all have our choices, but let’s try to take as good care of our world as possible. Start small with our tips above. Not many of us are able to live a zero-waste life, but we should strive to waste less. Bring your own reusable grocery bags, donate your old technology, give what you can to a local shelter, donate to a food bank/pantry, and buy second hand when available. Make 2020 your best sustainable year yet!