Pet Rescue

As you can see from previous blogs we are animal lovers here at Parish Giving. We love to rescue and adopt all pets. Some of them are conventional like dogs and cats, while others are less orthodox like horses and pigs. Either way, we know the importance of sharing our lives with an animal that needs us.

For those who are not able to keep pets in their home whether because of an allergy or living situation, you are still able to help animals in need. There are places in which you are able to support and patronize. These are also great places to bring your children to during their summer vacation!

Popcorn Park Zoo

This animal sanctuary is located in Lacey Township, NJ. You may think, “Oh, it’s just another petting zoo”, but it’s not. The animals there are all rescues from unthinkable/unimaginable circumstances and were given a second (third, fourth, fifth…) chance at life.

You are able to meet animals from exotic backgrounds to wildlife to farm animals and everything in between! What’s so special is that you are able to adopt/sponsor the animals and help them live a pampered life at the sanctuary! You are even able to meet them afterwards.

This sanctuary zoo is doing great things for all species of animals! Check them out online prior to visiting. That way you know which animals you and your family may want to meet first!

Last Chance Ranch

This is another place to visit during your summer break. They recently celebrated their 20th anniversary and have saved over 10,000 animals. Last Chance Ranch has every type of animal up for adoption from reptiles to horses and most in between!

For those not able to adopt, they are looking for helpful volunteers at the ranch. All ages and types of jobs are available. They offer volunteer positions for those in high school (14+), off premise (think public speaking or computer), on/off premises (photography, fundraising) and on premise (barn management, tours…). Basically there is something for everyone.

If volunteering your time is not something you are able to do at the moment, they also need monetary donations. You can sponsor an animal or create a fundraiser of your own. The possibilities are endless. Take a look at their website to see what all Last Chance Ranch has to offer!

As you can see we love to talk about animals and show off our pets here at Parish Giving. We also love to support animal charities too! Think about what a difference you can make in one of these animals lives. Your online donation is a great gift for someone’s birthday, Christmas or anniversary. Thank you for taking time to check out our special blog this week!