Out of the Box

After writing the Burnout blog, we realized we needed to fix our funk. With things slowly becoming normal again, I decided to take a baking class at a local bakery. It was a sugar cookie decorating class, and it did just the trick. When I told my colleagues, we all agreed that this is a positive we need to take into consideration. Out of the box ideas is what our blog is about this week! Hope you are able to try some!

Baking Classes

I took a fun class the other evening at Sunflour Bakery. I learned to decorate sugar cookies. We were taught piping skills, how to make royal icing, the purpose of having thick and thin icing, and so much more. They offer different classes from bagels to cupcake icing flowers and everything in between. Just visit their website and you can see which class you may be interested in and sign up for it!

Road Rally Scavenger Hunt

If you are a fan of the Amazing Race, or any show that has contests competing against one another, you would probably enjoy a Road Rally Scavenger Hunt. You can customize them to you and your family/friends. It is all about locating items and taking pictures of them once you accomplished the task. Some examples would be taking a picture of a sunflower that is taller than you, or something more challenging like meeting someone with the same first name as you. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you like!

Splatter Paint Room

I saw this segment on the news about a Splatter Paint Room in New Jersey. I thought to myself, this sounds like it is fun for all ages. You can either take a blank canvas and go into the Splatter Room, or you can paint on the canvas (think a design, words, etc.) and then go in and splatter on it. It is recommended to wear old clothing, but they do provide booties, caps, coveralls, and robes to provide extra protection. There are Splatter Rooms across the country. You can visit their website to see which is closest to you!

Rose Bridge Farm & Sanctuary

I remember in Grad school prior to exams the student union always had a puppy day where puppies were on campus and we could pet and play with them. It was the most relaxing hour of my day. It turns out that Rose Bridge Farm and Sanctuary in Dresher, PA, allows you to come in and cuddle and snuggle with their baby farm animals. That sounds like the perfect Saturday afternoon if you ask me. You can check out their website for more information.

One last out of the box item is to write down the best thing that happened to you each day. Instead of focusing on the negative and mistakes that were made, you should focus on the positive. We hope that all of these ideas help you enjoy the beautiful spring weather we are having and the easing of restrictions!