New Year’s Resolution

Lose weight. Be healthier. Be more organized. Plan that trip of a lifetime. Make more me time. Exercise more. These are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions people make every year. Why not try something different? Be more spiritual. Attend mass more often – not just Easter and Christmas. These are just an example of what your resolutions could be.

Be More Spiritual

This is something we all struggle with. What is being more spiritual? It is something different to everyone. Perhaps it means to be more open to religion and the journey it can bring you on. Or it could mean believing more. Some believe, but they may not know how strongly they believe. This can help to measure your strength in spirituality.

Attend Mass

I was driving by a church the other day with a sign that said, “Open between Christmas and Easter”. This pretty much sums up some churches attendance right now. The same people attend the same mass. Attendance will always be up, but it’s also nice to see new, and returning, faces at mass. If you attend once a month now, try to celebrate mass twice a month. It’s a relaxing, non-stressful hour out of your day. This is a resolution more people should make for themselves.

Make more time for Prayer

This is something all of us can benefit from. Whether you attend mass every Sunday already, or already feel more spiritually connected, you can always pray more. It can be for something small like a sunny day, or for something more important like a successful doctor’s appointment. Just find the time for more prayer. It will help with your mind, body and soul.

New Year’s Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. Create goals that are short term challenges, and then you will see that anything is possible. Attend mass, say a silent prayer and challenge yourself to be even more spiritual. It may not seem like much, but you will notice a difference in how you feel in no time at all.