Joy – Our Pets at Christmas

Joy by definition means a feeling of great happiness and pleasure. What better way to spread Joy than to share our pets at Christmas! Enjoy!

Berber hanging underneath the Christmas tree!


Desmond patiently waiting for Santa Paws! He’s been good all year!


J and P, our office geese, are looking forward to seeing Santa and his reindeer visit them!


Myla patiently waiting for Santa Paws!

Did Santa Paws leave you anything, Myla!?


Squeeky dressed in her Christmas best! What a beautiful red ribbon!


Squeet protecting the tree from any intruders! It’s almost Christmas, Squeet!


Myla loves the camera at Christmas!

Heather and Myla!

It’s exhausting waiting for Santa Paws! Just ask Myla!


Look at how cute Yoyo looks in her Christmas bow!