Fish Fry Friday

I have a secret. I absolutely love Lent because I can eat all the fish I want! It can be fish and chips, fish tacos, grilled fish, broiled fish, baked fish, etc. Since many fast food restaurants have fish sandwiches during the Lenten season, I thought why not write a blog about the different restaurants that will have a seasonal fish sandwich. Each Friday I will try to visit one of the burger joints and try their fish sandwich and I’ll provide an honest review on what I thought of them! Here is the list of the places I will try:


Burger King

Chick-fil-A (only at select locations)



I’m going to be completely honest and say that Arby’s was my favorite last year. This year I’m excited to try their Fish ‘n Cheddar! Hold the tartar sauce and add some buffalo sauce instead! Something about a spicy fish sandwich always makes me excited for the next bite!

Let me know who makes your favorite fish dish and I’ll be sure to try it out! Happy munching!