4th of July

The 4th of July is here! When America’s birthday hits, summer is about halfway over. Since both Parish Giving and John Patrick Publishing are closed the 4th, we decided to share what the holiday means to each of us. We all have different memories, and this is how we celebrate!

Where we are is a melting pot kind of location. In between New York and Philadelphia, we have memories in both places. Since the Bicentennial was a big occasion in Philadelphia, I thought I’d start with a summer block party memory from Heather!

Picture this: the place is Philadelphia, the year 1976. A city block party celebrating America’s 200th birthday filled with colonial garb and fire crackers. People are coming together with picnic tables and chairs filling the street so cars can’t drive down them. It is easy to see as to why Heather has this as a wonderful, patriotic memory with her grandparents. It is truly a memorable, historical experience! *All pictures on blog are from Heather’s block party!

“Wow! It’s the middle of the summer!” That is what comes to mind when Jill thinks about the 4th of July! Can you blame her? She is always thankful to spend the day reflecting on how lucky we are to celebrate our Independence and appreciate all those who serve our country. After reflecting, what better way to celebrate than with some fireworks and a parade! Jill enjoys the Southampton Day Community Parade and Fireworks as it brings fun, laughter with family and friends!

Red, white and blue. These are the colors of our patriotic flag and colors most often seen on the 4th of July. When Celeste sees those colors on people and around town, she’s knows it’s Independence Day! She then celebrates with a picnic with her family and friends, and ends the celebration with fireworks. What a great way to celebrate, Celeste!

Watching a parade, barbequing with family and friends, and then watching fireworks during Independence Day; that is what Joan thinks of for the 4th of July. She also takes the time to celebrate our great nation and honor those who have fought, and continue to fight for our freedom. Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate!

To Cheryl, the 4th of July is just sitting out front of her house and watching the fireworks from behind the trees. She’s never had to go anywhere to see them, and always has the best ones right out front! Her dog, Yoyo, on the other hand does not enjoy the fireworks as much!

For me, the 4th of July reminds me of my summers working at the Jersey Shore in Cape May. We watched the fireworks from the balcony of the hotel I worked at, and from there we joined the festivities around town. There was a grand picnic and a lobster bake, along with a pool party at one of the local inns.

As you can see, the 4th of July has a different meaning to each person in the office. So, what does Independence Day mean to you?