O’Connor’s American Bar & Grille

O’Connor’s Fish Sandwich

I wanted to make my final Lenten meal something special. After much discussion I decided that O’Connor’s would be the winner. I have eaten there once previously, and it was fine. A few weeks ago, at the beginning of Lent my parents went there for lunch one day and they raved about how good their crab cake sandwich was. I knew I had to go back and try their fish sandwich and I am so happy I did! It did not disappoint.

The Sandwich

O’Connor’s follows the KISS rule – keep it simple stupid. It was a piece of grouper, battered and fried, with lettuce, tomato, onion, and tartar sauce on the side. The part of the sandwich which they made their own was that they put it on rye bread rather than a roll. This made all the difference in taste.

The Taste

Grouper is a nice, light fish. Perfect for a fish sandwich. It was not greasy, and incredibly fresh. I think they grilled or toasted the rye bread with perhaps some olive oil on top? I highly recommend doing that if you are using bread rather than a roll.

When I took my first bite it brought pure joy to my tastebuds. It was not soggy, it was not salty, it was just good. The fries were next level good. I have no idea who makes fries shaped like that, but they need to put them in grocery stores ASAP.

Would I go back for another one this year?

Yes. This item is on their menu year-round, and I would order it when I go back. This sandwich should be eaten all year round, not just at Lent.

Final Rating

5/5 – the rye bread and tartar sauce on the side made it good, but the fries made it perfect.