Getting Back to It

The past 15 months has been a rollercoaster. Between shutdowns, mandates, different rules in different states, and so much more, we are more than ever ready to be getting back to it. It seems appropriate to start during summer since many need some rest and relaxation, and it also helps us to slowly reacquaint ourselves with in-person Mass. Here are some suggestions of how to start getting back to it.

Do what is Best for You

Not everyone is going to feel safe going back to Mass and other activities right away. That is okay. Some may need to take baby steps. They can stream Mass from home and notice what the crowd looks like. You can map it from there. Yes, Father would like to see your face attend Mass, but at the same time he wants you to feel safe and comfortable during the adjustment period.

Also, some parishes are offering a socially distanced seating area for those who feel more comfortable sitting away from others not in their household, or if they are not fully vaccinated.

Continue with Online Giving

If it’s not broken, then why fix it? Online giving has helped to keep parishes afloat during the pandemic. It guarantees weekly offerings from those who have attended Mass online, and for those who are currently not using collection baskets at Mass.

Not all giving has to be given online. Many second collections are still given during Mass with a special envelope. Parishioners should always feel as though they have an option when giving.

Routine is Key

Once you start to have your routine again, things will begin to fall into place. Sometimes the difficult part is ripping the band aid off and going to Mass (work, the gym, school, etc.) for the first time. Once you continue to do it week after week, it will start to feel normal again and that is the goal. You will see old faces and be greeted by new faces as well. It is a great feeling!

As you can see, getting back to normal has plenty of benefits. Everyone will have a different adjustment period and that is okay. Start a routine, do what makes you feel comfortable, and continue to grow each day. You will be back to your new normal before you know it!