Don’t Take the Remembrance out of Memorial Day

This is the first normal Memorial Day we have had in two years. Last year we were not able to observe the holiday as it deserved. Masses were scaled down, parades were cancelled, and cookouts were with the people in your household. For me, it made me realize how important of a holiday Memorial Day really is. This year let’s put the remembrance back into the holiday by honoring those who have fallen for our country.

Remembrance can be defined as “the action of remembering the dead, especially in a ceremony” (Google Dictionary). Memorial Day is a day dedicated to remembering those who have fought and fallen during war. It has been in existence since post-Civil War to give a day of thanks to those who lost their lives at war. Stores and businesses would shut down in honor of remembrance. Although stores are not shut down for remembrance, people are still showing their support. This is how many of us will be showing our support this year.


With changes in outdoor mask requirements, many groups and religious organizations are having outdoor services to honor those who have fallen during war. Some will be held at parks, while others may be held at cemeteries. The town that I live in has one each year after the parade down Main Street. The school bands play while flowers are laid by a plaque commemorating the war heroes from the town.


As previously mentioned, the town I live in has a Memorial Day parade every year. I always know at 1pm on Memorial Day where I will be. Our Historical Society makes sure that everyone from scouts to classic cars, and everything in between is featured in the parade. Plus, doesn’t it feel great to know that we can start to celebrate events with a parade again?

Educational Programs

Many museums are offering different educational programs for the community. For instance, the National Constitutional Center in Philadelphia is offering different programs such as Flag Etiquette, History of American Memorials, and more. To see if any museums are offering educational programs near you, check them out online.

Whatever you decide to do in addition to your family cookout, be sure to remember those who have fought and fallen for our country. We need to remember that is what Memorial Day weekend is really about. So thank you to those who gave their lives to our country, you may be gone but not forgotten.